Activities to Help Engage Grandchildren During Assisted-Living Community Visits
May 19th, 2022

Children and grandchildren are busy little creatures who need lots of activities and stimulation to keep them occupied. Here are some tips on how to keep kids engaged when they visit friends and relatives in an assisted-living community.

Encourage Communication

Encourage children to talk to the friend or relative who a resident in an assisted-living community. Even if the child is hard to understand, most seniors love the engagement anyway, and lots of children are nonstop talkers. Encourage the child to tell grandma or grandpa about their day or pet or hobbies or school or friends.

Bring Portable Activities

Bring along with you some things that can occupy the children so they don’t get bored. We don’t mean a smartphone so the child sits by him or herself the whole time doing their own thing. But bring a deck of cards or a photo album or even a book that the senior could read to the child or homework that the senior could help with. Select objects that encourage interaction with the senior resident.

The Visit Is Paramount

Visits to seniors in assisted-living environments are very important to the residents. Even if the child is shy and does not interact a lot, the resident senior will be thrilled to see the child and just watch what they are doing. And other residents will enjoy it, too. Visits are a welcome change from the routine, and most seniors thoroughly enjoy them.

It is not just the senior residents who benefit from visits by children. The children also benefit, and children can have deep relationships with their grandparents. Now that COVID restrictions are easing, take your children and grandchildren to visit your senior friends and relatives who are living in an assisted-living environment, and take lots of photos. Be sure to enquire first about any COVID rules in place before going.


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