Eligibility Criteria for Long-Term Care in BC

Eligibility Criteria for Long-Term Care in BC

November 23rd, 2021

In this blog article, we would like to give you some basic information about the eligibility criteria for admission to a long-term nursing home. There is a URL at the bottom of the article to the information available on the website for BC Health.

Before we address the criteria, be aware that someone’s eligibility will be determined in consultation with the local health authority. British Columbia is divided into five regional health authorities. A doctor or nurse would have to refer a patient to the regional health authority which governs the region where you live in order to be assessed for long-term care.

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. A current assessment determines that the person needs 24-hour professional nursing care, and these needs cannot be met at home.

  2. The patient is at risk in the current arrangement.

  3. The need for long-term care services is urgent.

  4. The patient’s care and medical needs have been investigated.

  5. The risk to a home caregiver is unacceptable or there is no caregiver available for at home.

  6. The person is willing to pay their assessed rate based on income per the provincial guidelines.


If the person needing long-term care is a veteran, then the regional health authority must contact and discuss the case with Veterans Affairs Canada.

BC Health always first tries to arrange care for someone in their home before considering that person for residential care. Long-term residential care is for those who demonstrate the need for care that is beyond what can be carried out at home.