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Fun Activities for Penticton Seniors To Do To Beat the Heat

August 4th, 2021

Is the heat getting to you? Penticton has been experiencing a second heat wave lately—not quite as bad as the first—so we wanted to give you some ideas for seniors to keep cool.


Penticton has beautiful Okanagan Lake to the north and Skaha Lake to the south. At the time of this writing, Okanagan Lake is 26oC and Skaha Lake is 24oC. Taking a ride to the lake is one easy to way to cool off. You can go fishing (with a fishing licence) or just walk along the edge. There are lots of nice clean and quiet beaches. There will be a breeze, and it’s a free and easy way to cool off.

Keep in mind that there is currently a forest fire south east of Skaha Lake, the Thomas Creek Fire. So, you are better off traveling north and west to go to the lake.


Visit a museum or several. Museums are always air-conditioned, because a cool and reliable temperature is important for the preservation of exhibits. If you are feeling really hot, go spend a day at the museum. You might learn something, too. The Penticton Museum and Archives is at 785 Main Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

The Book Shop

The Book Shop has 5,000 square feet of books to look at. And it will be nice and cool in there. This store has been an iconic storefront in downtown Penticton since 1974. It would certainly be worth a visit.

The Book Shop at 242 Main Street

Cooling off at home

If you happen to be at home and are really hot, here are a few tips. Try taking a cool shower, as cool as is comfortable. Water evaporating off of you will make you feel cooler. Have a cool drink—or several. It’s important to stay hydrated when it’s very hot. You lose heat faster through the extremities than through other body parts. So, a cool cloth on your face or hands or feet, will cool you considerably faster than one on your knees, for examples. Dress lightly. There is no need for several layers when you’re at home and you’re feeling warm.

When sun is shining through your window, close the window and close the shades or curtains. Keep the house closed up until the temperature drops outside and is cooler than the inside of the house and the sun is shining not in your window. Your insulation and window coverings can keep the cool in and the heat out. Don’t worry. This heat wave won’t last.

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