Household Hints to Make a Senior’s Life Easier

Household Hints to Make a Senior’s Life Easier

August 9th, 2022

Sometimes we forget that seniors may function differently in their world than the rest of us. In today’s blog, we would like to talk about some household hints that would make a senior’s life easier.


For seniors, especially those with somewhat limited vision or mobility problems, night-lights are lifesavers. When it’s dark out, night-lights can shed light anywhere in the home making movement much safer. Many people also feel more secure knowing that there are no dark corners to navigate.

Canes With Feet

If you know a senior who uses a cane, suggest trying a cane that has feet. There are several brands of these, the best known one being HurryCane. The idea is that, if set down a normal cane, it can easily drop to the floor which can then be difficult to retrieve. A cane with feet stays standing when you let go of it, so it’s much easier to retrieve.

Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets

Computers, smartphones, and tablets all have special settings that can make things like icons appear larger or with more contrast, making them easier to see. It’s also possible to set up a computer device and eliminate a lot of clutter on the page, to make it much easier to use for someone who is not terribly computer savvy.

Reach Extender

Get a reach extender or several. These are long-handled devices that allow you to more easily reach high or low or for example into the back of a closet to retrieve something. These devices are really make life easier if you have some limited arm mobility or have difficulty on step stools or getting down to floor level.

There are many tools that make life for seniors easier around the house. We have only mentioned four of them, but there are also others. These tools or modifications can make a world of difference for the senior in your life.


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