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Why Audio Books and Podcasts Are Great for Seniors

May 29th, 2021

The beauty of audio books and podcasts are that you don’t need to be reading them to take in the information. That means you do not have to be sitting, and you, also, do not need to use your eyes (or need glasses). Audio books and podcasts are oral, and you can listen to them while you are doing other things, not unlike having a radio turned on in the background.

Audio Books

Audio books are books that are recorded word for word. Sometimes the person who makes the recording is a famous voice, and other times it may be someone unknown.

You can listen to audio books through any of your devices: laptop, phone, or tablet. You can stream them in your car or listen to them while you’re lying down or busy with other activities or hobbies. It’s a way to read books without reading!


Podcasts are recorded interviews. They are like watching a talk show except you are listening instead of watching. They exist on any subject you can think of, even obscure ones. There are special apps that are designed to help you find ones you like and then play them.

Many audio books are free, and almost all podcasts are free. Listening to them is way to broaden your horizons on any subject. For busy seniors, the great benefit is not being required to sit or stay in one spot and not being required to read. It is not uncommon to experience some vision problems as we age. Audio books and podcasts are a way to stay informed without the concern about using vision.

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